Bug on The Grill


Today’s late-night lesson learned: getting drunk with your new awesome best neighborhood-buddies (Rich & Sara) the night before , taking on a full load of work the next day, followed by a trek to the city dump and an hour of trying secondhand clothing on your kids, then a pasta dinner, digging a 3 foot deep x 6 foot wide ditch after dinner to accommodate a gift of a fruiting fig tree courtesy of our hardworking friend Lloyd, staying up after your shower to edit and post photos and say hello to friends, drinking a generous pour of Evan Williams as a nightcap and then attempting to catch up on reading doesn’t really work at 11 pm / 1 am est, because I need to get up in seven hours and this extraordinary exertion requires rest and recuperation (i.e., sleep) - and ultimately makes me feel like the bug on the grill I found this evening.

Shit! speaking of which, I’ve got to lift them hood on the cars to prevent the rat damage many have warned about.