A Birthday Love Poem


One would think that ten years of late-and-long days and nights and holidays at the hospital, along with keeping up larger-than-life homes, and raising five children - might test the sinews of “till death do us part.” And it has.

And now…a homestead! With grand aspirations of a healthy farm, and a happy hacienda; literally picking up our home, our family and all-too-comfortable-and-convenient lives and moving across the country to live in the high mountain desert, off a dirt road, surrounded by wildlife and wilderness; and then dealing with dementia, dogs and lots of dirt - oh my! All admist a pandemic. Oh, my.

One would think that anyone and all of these things would and will and have weighed heavily upon the bonds, which indeed are fragile, albeit I plead far from frail.

For as they say, if it doesn’t kill you, love makes it stronger.

Normally, in years past we might take this day off to celebrate - alone, together. Alas, or rather to our great fortune, all that we have amassed may have made birthday breaks a privilege of our past.

Nonetheless and allthemore, I truly look forward to everyday with you of the next 42 years our our busy-but-absolutely-blessed lives. I could not contrive a better wife, a better life, than that which I have - with you.

Thank you, you are a blessing to your one-and-only, as much as you are to all who benefit by your medicine, beauty and charm.

I love you Chelsea.