Another Independence Day


At the close of another Independence Day celebration it feels good to have had a day that was part-work, mostly-leisure.

Having come off a full day of digging, raking and shoveling on Saturday, we casually awoke this sunny Sunday morning and carefully got out of bed, conscious that my arms and back were aching and at risk of a strain.

Eventually, after some coffee and stretching we went straight to transplanting a few baby cacti found on random hillsides at Hacienda Dominguez & Chelenzo Farms to the cactus garden we’re creating at the end of our new trail and promenade.

At noon, we rode down to Madrid for their annual July 4th parade. It was great to see a few of our new neighbors and friends and to feel like we’re fitting and settling in.

Likewise, it felt good later this evening when Milo suggested we play scrabble on the lawn in the backyard at 48BRE, if only because it didn’t feel like there was any urgency or emergency or anything that was a priority and required our undivided attention. Just seven letters, some freshly-made guacamole and a magnificent cliffside serving as a cool backdrop for an hour of family fun and board games.

After we got home to 36HTR, I quickly walked out with my nightlight to dig for about 20 minutes in prep to extract and transplant a small Yucca into the succulent garden tomorrow.

At nine, knowing we were going up to the tower to try and watch the fireworks being shot from the Plaza at Santa Fe, I quickly took a shower and was ready to take advantage of our vista.

Alas, the pyrotechnic display was not as resplendent as we had hoped for, so we sighed and descended back to our bedrooms to get a goodnight’s sleep after another fine day in Cerrillos.