Teeing Off at Dominguez Pines


I’m sharing a hodgepodge of photos from this weekend’s fun bonanza at The Shed and Domínguez Pines, our new one-hole golf course at Hacienda Dominguez & Chelenzo Farms, and resuming my daily regale in earnest.

I had to pause the diurnal tell-all because the puppy-care situation was getting out of hand and we (the adults) weren’t getting much sleep.

Hence, we had to sit down the little ones and tell them that either they had to take more responsibility for the puppies or we might have to give them up.

Predictably this upset them, but they also immediately got to more poopy-scooping and peepee-wiping. The dogs also spent their first night isolated in a non-bedroom and seemingly survived unscathed, as the only time I heard them whining was around 5:45 this morning when I got up to let them out for a walk to the visit the Ladies of The Coop.

That all said, responsibility or not, we’re clearly spoiling our youngest who began complaining they’re “bored” after their first day of summer vacation.

Thus, I spent much of Saturday building and preparing a mega-entertainment complex out of The Shed. So that come Sunday we spent a very full half-day playing all kinds of sports and games including: poker, Tellustrations, golf putting at the final hole at Dominguez Pines, volleyball, playing (baseball) catch, skateboarding, scootering, and even vintage arcade playing (Centipede, Rally-X, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Dig-Dug, etc.).

This was all musically supported by DJ Knucklz, who has set up shop in The Shed as well and is getting ready to host our first Saturday Night Summer Barn Dance.

Not to mention a few other things that were going on these last few days: Grandpa Roland is back with some scaffolding and power tools to continue renovations; we had to pause any and all sense of seriousness to celebrate the official end of the school year on Friday with a living room all-skate and dance party; Chelsea and I had our first date night out in Santa Fe; we continued our every-other-daily hunt for second-hand vintage furniture; I got back to doing a little cooking; we’re still getting our house, home and homestead in order (with floor work resuming - again - today); as well as a little more real estate wheelin‘ & dealin’ that suddenly came up.