El Caballero

Dominic is our resident "world's okaiest brother," talented writer, dazzling rapper and rap-composer, long-distance runner, and philosopher-debater-public speaker. Currently, he is at conducting research on hummingbirds at the Rock Mountain Biological Laboratory in Gothic, CO as part of a 2022 Princeton Summer Internship.

In 2020, he was accepted into Harvard, MIT, Princeton and the "most exclusive college you've never heard of..," Deep Springs College, Dominic decided to take a gap-year off from his first year at Princeton, Dominic is off exploring his many options.

He is also simply one of the most compassionate, considerate and giving people you'll ever meet. In the Spring of 2021 he went from serving as a certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) to an Americorp Volunteer at the Walker Lake Conservation Initiative at Yerington, NV. His long repetoire of community service also includes serving as a volunteer at Peak Potential (http://peakclimb.org), an adaptive climbing program for children with physical disabilities, as well as speaking at schools on behalf of the Tourette Association of America (https://tourette.org) as a Youth Ambassador


Dominic jumps into ice cold water Dominic raps