Assembling Coop Knox


Things are coming along at Hacienda Dominguez & Chelenzo Farms, slowly but surely.

Phenomenally it is raining again tonight. When we were looking for a home and land in the fall we heard a number of times that the forecast for precipitation this whole entire year was absolutely dismal. Climate experts have been forecasting Armageddon for a few years now, as purportedly this year will be a far worst drought than last year...

That all said, it has rained or hailed here every other day for almost two weeks. WTF? I’m not complaining, but Mother Nature has given us no time to plant seeds!

It’s particularly funny considering that I recall a couple different people saying these exact words: “If we get any rain this year...”

The silver lining is that the weather is serving as our ad-hoc home inspector and so we’re finding all the leaks. So far, the house at 36 HTR has some serious seepage from two of the doors by which the sideways torrents have caused floods down our hallway and vestibule; also, the garage has a steady drip from the roof.

Then there’s the question and issue of “progress” and patience. If you’ve got a dream and aspirations and a well-thought out agenda, buttressed by a mile-long daily to-do list, which you barely get to chink at by sundown, well, than patience can be a problem.

In fact, likewise problematic is that every project seems to usurp a good part of the day, which means nothing else gets done. Yesterday, Chelsea and I spent nearly four hours assembling our new chicken coop...and we’re still not finished.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a hundred boxes to finish opening and sorting through; a warehouse that desperately needs to be organized by assembling the twenty shelving units we have - before the rodents start moving back in; and once again, just as we did with all the Victorian chests, chairs and cabinets at Dominguez Manor - acquiring some western-style furniture to make our new house here into our home.