Thanks & Praise

Kudos from Our Community Partners & Stakeholders

"NLFR supports regenerative agricultural practices, as these are beneficial to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis. Per the work Lorenzo Dominguez has shared, we support Hacienda Dominguez and Chelenzo Farms’ vision for regenerative agriculture in the Galisteo Basin of New Mexico. 

- Rudy Arredondo, President-CEO-Founder, National Latino Farmers and Ranchers

"We support regenerative agriculture practices that are place appropriate

and water-smart, that increase soil health, that improve biodiversity habitat, and that are culturally appropriate. The proposed research, education, and outreach activities proposed by Chelenzo Farms would help promote such practices in New Mexico."

- Andrew Pressman, Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Communities Program Director, National Center for Appropriate Technology

"I am writing in support of the proposed research to assess the modification of Circular Buffer Strips as an innovation in passive rainwater harvesting and dryland farming at Chelenzo Farms in Cerrillos, New Mexico. We are excited to see research that is building on current studies of Dr. Sangu Angadi to evaluate these

strategies of food production. This research would address the agricultural community’s concerns about production systems without supplemental irrigation, and demonstrate the benefits of implementing healthy soil principles in drylands.

Chelenzo Farms is currently receiving technical assistance from the Carbon Ranch Initiative. Lorenzo and his team have been engaged, timely, and repeatedly shown an ability to execute complex projects. We have every confidence in Chelenzo Farms

execution of this innovative WSARE Project."

- Sarah Wentzel-Fisher, Executive Director, Quivira Coalition

"Over the past year, we have partnered multiple times with Chelenzo Farms to offer vital educational opportunities promoting soil health and regenerative agriculture in the Galisteo Basin of New Mexico. With their broad network of partners and stakeholders we are confident that, based on our past collaborations, their planned project addresses the needs of agricultural stakeholders in the region."

- Isabelle Jenniches, Co-Founder, NM Healthy Soil Working Group

"I am pleased to express my support for Hacienda Dominguez and Chelenzo Farms. The Keres Children's Learning Center (KCLC) has agreed to develop a partnership with Chelenzo Farms on this project, so that our students and communities may mutually share and learn about traditional indigenous agriculture and foods via this project."

 - Dr. Curtis Chavez, Keres Children's Learning Center, Cochiti Pueblo, NM

"It is my pleasure to offer this letter of support for Hacienda Dominguez & Chelenzo Farms. The research they propose would be an important advance for drylands agriculture in central New Mexico, and Hacienda Dominguez has already developed multiple channels for sharing the results of their research, including the New Mexico Soil Health Champions network, the field days and work parties of the Seeding Regenerative Agriculture Project, and multiple media outlets.

Through their partnerships with Dr. Sangu Angadi and Jan Willems of Ecotone Landscaping, the team at Hacienda Dominguez has conceptualized a highly promising alternative model for drylands agriculture in New Mexico. With their careful work to select and situate native or desert-adapted crops and to contour the landscape to passively harvest and retain rainwater, the Hacienda Dominguez team could demonstrate an ecologically and economically viable approach for a new drylands agricultural system, beneficially impacting the agro-ecosystem in central New Mexico at levels from crop cultivation to value-added production and related businesses."

 - Patrick DeSimio, President and Director, Seeding Regenerative Agriculture Project

"I have appreciated getting to know you and your farm and ranch in the last year and a half and am very excited about your work and your vision for regenerative agriculture in the Galisteo Basin. It has been a pleasure and honor to support your work as an agricultural engineer and ecological landscape planning and restoration consultant by designing water harvesting and soil stabilization systems and overseeing their implementation in educational workshops with your wide network of stakeholders. 

I am aware that you have developed a broad network of partners and stakeholders and am confident that, based on your past work, your planned project addresses the needs of many agricultural stakeholders in the region. You are engaging in very exciting, innovative work by regenerating degraded ranch land through the application of time-proven, traditional and modern soil stabilization and soil health improvement techniques and by exploring the cultivation of traditional desert crops, such as agave, cacti, succulents, and sorghum interplanted with leguminous trees and

short-term, soil enhancing cover crops. The soil improvement and cultivation techniques are mutually beneficial and hold a promise of accelerated regeneration of the land."

 -  Jan-Willem Jansens, Founder, Ecotone Landscape Solutions

"Cacti, and native plants, are critical components in the natural balance and design of a highly functional and sustainable ecosystem. The beneficial, foreseeable, and obtainable consequences, for current and future generations, are undeniable—

especially as we continue with climate change and historic droughts. We are delighted to support Chelenzo Farms in their efforts."

 -  Joe Newman, Co-founder, Santa Fe Cactus Rescue Project

"We have had the great fortune to meet Lorenzo and Chelsea Dominguez just over a year ago when they reached out to us to connect and looking to learn about our experiences working with the land here at Synergia Ranch over the past 50 years. In this short time, they have not only met most of the members of the San Marcos and Galisteo Basin communities, but they have organized events and workshops that bring us together to share and inform people of all ages. Their project is a shining example of sustainable land use and food sovereignty. Their energy and commitment to collaborate with a community network is unparalleled. We support any effort they bring to the table, without hesitation."

 - Dr. Starrlight Augustine, Dr. Mark Nelson and Deborah Parrish Snyder, Synergia Ranch

Words from Our Workshop Participants & Community Gatherings

"I participated in a field day event at Chelenzo Farms in September 2022 focused on earthworks structures to support regeneration of a steep hillside experiencing erosion. I learned both theory and hands-on practical knowledge of techniques adapted from analogous climates and landscapes. The climate adaptive techniques will be critical to research and share in New Mexico as we see reduced availability of traditional irrigation water and more dependence on variable precipitation resources from watersheds. With continued funding, Chelenzo Farms can serve as a regional learning center for the community to develop local methods and plant varieties that can be a source of sustainable food and income for farmers."

 -  Brian Naughton, Co-Founder of Circle Two, LLC

"I attended an event on Chelenzo Farms to learn how to make a Johnson-Sue Bioreactor. It was a fun, educational and professional event. It is very nice to meet responsible and thoughtful food growers. I have no doubt that any funds awarded to them will be used wisely and will further the education and inspiration that they bring to the community."

 -  Gabriel Lee, President, Land Pact Corporation.

"Thanks for the opportunity to attend your recent weekend workshop on "Regenerative Agriculture and Land Restoration and Practicum." I learned a lot and enjoyed participating in building the terraces and seeing the progress from beginning to end. It was very well organized and planned out and I appreciated the level of professionalism. Jan-Willem was fantastic at explaining what we were doing then let us go do it and it was rewarding to see our results from the weekend. It was so nice to meet your family, including Nina and some of the locals participating and be with like minded people that care about the Earth."

 -  Windy Day

"I attended a recent workshop at Chelenzo Farms and benefitted hugely from the experience. The workshop was fantastic.  I learned about several techniques for controlling erosion and directing water flow. The combination of lecture and hands on experience was really effective for learning. 

I have been standing up for trees and birds, and the value of open space lands as undeveloped lands in my hometown where the idea of stewardship is woefully absent. I have been exhausted by continually fighting against something negative; it was wonderful to so easily be able to join in something positive and to learn and be part of a community learning to help the land regenerate!

It was wonderful to be part of a group of people who are wanting to learn how to take better care of the land.  The weekend long event (rather than a one day event) was good for making connections.  Being able to share meals helped bring us together as a community.  

Lorenzo, Chelsea, and their family are committed to farming regenerately and restoring their land. They are equally committed to sharing this knowledge by hosting workshops. They bring an exceptional ability to create a warm and welcoming environment to share knowledge and create a community of people who care for the land. I came away from the workshop energized and the things I learned about controlling erosion and building healthy soils will help make me a better advocate for the nature in my community."

 -  Jennifer Leon, artist from Los Alamos, NM

"Thank you for the invitation to share in your celebration of Dia de los Muertos.  It was so moving and really touched.  The food was delicious and the company was great."  - Beverly

"Thank you so much for inviting me to your home to celebrate Dia de los Muertos as well as allowing me to share my story/song. You were a fantastic host and you have a beautiful home. It was great getting to meet all the good people you brought together. I look forward to attending your next event." -  Joe Dan

"What a great time last night! Thank you SO much. You all are the best! Great music, food, and camaraderie."  - Elaine