Bring on the Worries, Woes & Tribulations


Not that I need be reminded, but after reading our dear friend Osley’s birthday thoughts about the friends who are no longer here and his gratitude for having known them while they were, I too had to ponder my lucky fortune.

Alas, we likewise unexpectedly lost two friends last week, Peri and Angela, both passing away within two days of each other, both only 48 years old and both leaving young children behind.

The coincidence reminds me of another friend, Maria, who I had dated during my last year in grad school nearly 30 years ago. In 2017, she passed away from cancer six months after her husband suddenly died while mountain biking. They were only 47 and left behind four little ones.

Hence, despite the trials and tribulations of country life, parenting, aging parents and marriage, I have to be grateful for the opportunity to see another day to work things out, to let go, slow down and enjoy the company of my beloved family and friends.

With the birth of each day that we get to see again we must all delight and appreciate the privilege. Our worries must wane and troubles diminish in light of the possibility that some day we may no longer have any, once and for all, and forevermore.

With this missive I share some of my favorite sunrise, sunset, and magnificent sky photos I’ve taken here at Hacienda Dominguez & Chelenzo Farms from the last three months alone.