What keeps me up at night


Well, tonight I was already tossing and turning over the idea that we use a lot (too much) water up here at the top of the hill and that one of these days the well will run dry when at 3:33 AM I swear I heard and felt what might have been a small tremor. So, one: terrestrial dehydration, and two: earthquakes.

Three, my own dehydration, often because I don’t balance out the drinks at dinner with the water chaser, which should be two to one. Hence, waking up with a parched mouth at the wee hours of the morning and having to get up to go to the kitchen for the requisite rehydration.

Four, these posts, or at least the thoughts that I must convey and the thought that I must convey (two wholly separate things, so maybe that counts as Five).

Six, the reordering of the daily to do list: what did I get done? if only to pat myself on the back and motivate me to keep going; and what didn’t I finish? e.g., I need to figure out what kind of fuse I need to fix the wine cooler; need to tighten a couple of screws on the new wall hook at 48B; need to go through all my screwdrivers and separate them into relatively two equal sets with one for The Shed and one for the garage at 48B; still need to figure out a way to soften the blow of the super heavy door on the storage boxes I just made out of 8-foot ikea cabinets, because the first bracket I affixed failed to do the job…

Seven through infinity: all the exciting ideas and projects and initiatives and problems I want to solve and books I want to write and photographs I want to take. Alas and likewise fortunately that list is endless (hence, infinitum).

These be a few of the menial and minor, but wholly important things that either wake me up and then keep me up. At 4:30 AM it’s time for some light reading to lull me back to sleep.