"Ahead of Schedule"


(Reflections on Parenting #15)

It’s 7 pm and Milo is doing homework unprompted.

He’s out of school for a few days while we family Covid quarantine and was given assignments to do at home. At this rate, he’ll be done with his homework for the week tonight.

I’m very proud of him.


It’s almost 9:00 now and he’s still at it. I’m reading alongside him just to keep him company, but truth be told I desperately wanted to go to sleep two hours ago.

His perseverance and assiduousness remind me of myself and his oldest brothers, who apply themselves to all they do. So I’m sacrificing a little shuteye to encourage this familial attribute.

God must have heard my prayers as I was writing this, as Milo just put his pencil down and said, “There, I’m done for the night. I’m a page ahead of schedule. Goodnight Papa, I love you.”