El Puente, Show #1

El Puente, Show Numero 1

El Puente is the bridge across all-things-sustainability and the three pillars of a regenerative lifestyle: homesteading (agriculture), health and humanity. The show’s mission will be to educate and promote self-sufficiency, sustainable and regenerative life practices that enable New Mexicans et al. to take hold of their health and happiness. 

On on our first show, where I interviewed/spoke with my wife Dr. Chelsea Hollander and our friend, her colleague, Dr. Ryan Villegas: 

Our inaugural discussion covered everything from the importance of being outside, which I introduce with a beautiful quote from Anne Frank; to the healing power of music and the preventive practice of eating well and choosing your food wisely. Ryan brought his ukulele and we closed the show with The Beatles "Let it Be." It is a good example of the fun and friendly format we intend to have for the show. 

Click to listen to the show.