A Barrow Full of Ivory


For all intents and porpoises, we essentially finished “ Grandma Delia’s Ivory Cactus Garden” today, placing 820 pieces of white rock around it, which we found scattered across the mesa of Hacienda Dominguez & Chelenzo Farms at 36HTR.

I cite the mass volume of stones because not only did Milodeus, Olivia Luz and I scour the hillsides for hours, but we scrubbed them all and then placed them neatly in sequential order all about the garden.

All but the last twenty or so pieces went through a vigorous cleaning process, which left a wonderful primordial soup of super green algae, soil, and thousand-year-old fungus in its wake.

Believe or not, people pay big bucks for stuff like this that is trolled from the bottom of lakes, so they can drink it…Yuck, not for me, even if my doctor orders it…So, you can bet your bottom dollar that I wasn’t going to waste it, and carefully served it to each of the baby cacti and the surrounding grasses, gently padding the residual mud around the base of each plant.

After putting the finishing touches on the trail into the garden, I was enticed back inside when Olivia Luz invited me to get a “Cowboy Clown Makeover.” How could I resist?

After, we played Awkward Family Photos for a while, while Mama and Milo drove into town to buy a 9 foot wood dining table at The Horse Shelter.

At six, we joined everyone at 48BRE for dinner, after which Grandpa and Leo generously helped us move the fridge back into der Haus, yay!

As a reward, I took their photo with the sunset and the giant ball of tumbleweed that gramps suggested we spray with polyurethane and make into a hanging lamp. We loved the idea and he was a bit surprised when we took his idea-fer seriously. “We’ll, I guess I’ll put it on my list,” he replied, half-chuckling.

Fully expect a photo of our brand new bristle-and-bramble lamp in the not-so-distant future.