I Was a Middle-Aged Zombie


Okay, maybe I’m veering past that stage of life, but this pall I’m under certainly has me feeling my age, which by the way, is probably why Santa gave my newest favorite t-shirt, which reads:

“It’s weird being the same age as old people.”

Nonetheless and allthemore, I want to thank one and all for your love, kind words and support in response to my last post. The outpour was somewhat and sincerely unexpected, for I thought I was merely posting “another sensational story by Lorenzo.”

And although it’s all true, it’s far less harrowing and heartbreaking than some of the stories my doctor-wife has brought home over the last 14 years.

That said, it has been a long two years and I was starting to begin to believe that I was somewhat impervious to the nightmare virus.

Alas, this time it got me…(affect old Hollywood cowboy movie tone here).

Uh, argh, oh…(okay, maybe more like Looney Tunes)

Admittedly, I’m feeling more sick than anticipated, but not enough to believe it’s more than a bad flu.

Being in a constant state of weird-but-tame brain pain, prompts me to fear, and thus feel, that the virus is eating my brain and I’m going to turn into a zombie, much like the hangover one might feel after a bad date with Corona.

I tried to go to sleep early this evening at 9:30, but here I am at 2:30 AM, and I can verify that the experiment failed.

I find it kind of funny, much as I try to find the humor in all challenging situations - and often do, that when Olivia first told us about her sore throat and subsequently fell apart, I merely experienced a tickle of a trickle of discomfort in mine. So minor, that it convinced me that my ship would not become icebound and sink like Shackleton’s Endurance.

Alas, it did, and although the minnow has not been completely lost, I’m digging myself with humility.

I suppose that’s another silver lining too, for over the years dire illness has readily reminded me that I’m a mere mortal. It also often inspires me to live healthier than I had been doing before I got sick.

That said, I’ve been pretty darn healthy these last few years, especially this past year, while working hard and living well here at our homestead, Hacienda Dominguez.

So, perhaps it’s just my crow that I have to work on now. Maybe I’m not as gallo as I am gullible to the sway of my cockiness. I think living atop a hill with an unfettered view of majestic mountains does that to you sometimes.