"Look at Her Underpants!"


With this video taken just a few moments ago I’m sharing a moment of sheer parental joy.

It’s a Monday night, a school night, and we’re finished with dinner, or at least the kids are. Without any prompting, Milo and Olivia are reading a book together, or at least Olivia is reading pretending she’s Mrs. Gonzales.

I’m having my second serving of last week’s leftover curry and I’m delighting in the fact that my children have chosen to do something at bedtime that doesn’t involve a television or electronic device.

GRANTED, they didn’t have much of a choice, since we have no television at Hacienda Dominguez & Chelenzo Farms, and we significantly limit their time on their tablets.

Nonetheless and allthemore, what struck me most was that there was nar a peep of complaint about their lack of access to what is otherwise the norm in other households, homes and haciendas.

Yes, all-but-smugly, I’m reveling in the fact that they are naively happy simply reading Olivia’s new book, “Lulu and The Mischievous Collection,” together as siblings who are getting along as if they are not otherwise inclined toward rivalry.

Truly, ignorance is bliss.