Kiddie Litter

KIDDIE LITTER: I’m going to Denver

Despite the cold, wind and the rain that assailed the hills of Cerrillos this morning, I was able to get outside later in the day to work on a very special project.

A friend and neighbor was kind enough to give us eight seats from the school bus she’s converting into a Schoolie. Since they each only have two legs, as the opposite side was screwed into the ledge of the bus wall, it means I have to brace the seats from across the aisle with each other to construct one long 8 foot bench(x4).

In the process I decided to remove the seat belts and found a treasure trove of juvenile junk wedged in between the back and bottoms of the seats: pencils, pens, coins, candy wrappers galore to make any trick or treater envious, a marble, and an assortment of other garbage.

The one priceless item I found was the a note that read:

Front: What are you doing tomorrow [?]

Back: Im going to Denver